The Hive

Welcome to the Hive Education Centre

  • Come and experience the amazing stories about bees and pollinators
  • Meet the beekeepers and understand their love of bees
  • Taste the honey from around the world before you make your purchase
  • Discover how bees and pollinators have been helping our environment for millions of years
  • Imagine being a beekeeper in Charles Butler times – take home your copy of “Parson Musicologist Beekeeper, Influence and Legacy of Charles Butler”

For the kids

  • Meet Melissa Bee are her gang
  • See live bees in a real hive
  • Spot the queen, eggs and larvae
  • Find out how bees make honey and wax
  • See what happens when bees swarm
  • Discover other important pollinators
  • Taste real honey, straight from the bees, from different parts of the world

For the big kids

  • Meet the beekeepers and bee farmers, and find out why there are hundreds of acres of borage planted around Wootton St Lawrence for the bees.
  • Look at bees under a microscope and talk to master beekeepers about their anatomy
  • See how bees make honey and talk to experts to see how pollen affects the taste of honey
  • Speak to environmentalists about pollination and the risk to our biodiversity
  • Talk to local historians about Charles Butler, his book and his legacy

For schools, outdoor centres, and environmental establishments

Come and talk with Charles Butler 400 Foundation Team and find out how we can bring the bee and pollinator story to you.

“ To a bee, a flower is a fountain of life …..To a flower, a bee is a messenger of love ”