Charles Butler
In 1623 Charles Butler published “The Feminine Monarchie” a masterful book of his detailed observations, recordings and understanding how the weather and environment influenced beekeeping. He was also a keen musicologist and composed his Bee Madrigal based on honey bee sounds inside and outside the hive. His teachings remain relevant to modern beekeepers worldwide today.

Bee Fayre Celebrations
Our Bee Fayre Celebrations have built on his legacy and we tell the whole bee story to our communities, providing education and a practical understanding of the importance of bees, and the need to create and protect them with a sustainable biodiverse environment so they may thrive. Our underlying inspiration is to ensure that we continue to uphold and sustain his incredible honey bee observations and recordings during his lifetime.

Charles Butler 400 Foundation aims to:

  • Tell the complete bee story [honey bees, bumble bees, and solitary bees] by providing education and a growing understanding of the importance of pollinators, and the need to create a sustainable biodiverse environments for bees to thrive.
  • Provide educational training support to encourage future generations of beekeepers and wildlife activists by engaging with local communities, schools and wildlife groups to encourage the planting and maintenance of  wildlife habitats.
  • Provide the education programmes to encourage new beekeepers through ‘bee-experience days’ and practical craft workshops.
  • Promote the Hive Education Centre as a way to outreach and educate communities at wildlife and environmental centres.
  • Bring together families, beekeepers and communities to celebrate their love of bees and pollinators at an annual celebration service in Wootton St Lawrence.

The first and important action of our fundraising is to put on the very special Charles Butler 400th anniversary Bee Fayre Celebrations at Wootton St Lawrence Church and Meadows, on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th  August 2023. 

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“ To a bee, a flower is a fountain of life …..To a flower, a bee is a messenger of love ”